on that note.. (Daemonette costume) (Score:2, Interesting)
   by Ceren on Tuesday December 19, @07:39PM EST (#51)
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   On that note, I've been considering selling the second FreeBSD
   Daemon-girl outfit, to buy a new one. Upgrading, as it were. ;)
   I'll probably sell it on Ebay, with a starting price of what was
   originally paid for it ($500). The goal is to end up with a comparable
   (or better!) daemonette outfit, maybe even in time for Linuxworld 2001
   It's solid red garment quality latex, made by A woman named Molly (who
   ran So Hip It Hurts in SF) and sold large amounts of quality latex
   through Stormy Leather. The two pieces are both custom made from the  
   same batch, and in size small; tshirt and leggings. The shine has
   partially worn off from the shirt (but still mostly there on the
   leggings) and it requires several minutes of polishing before it's
   ready to wear out onto the floor of the convention. This is mainly why
   I'm selling it. I really don't have this kind of time in the mornings.
   I'm a reeally late riser. And conventions never seem to happen on
   36-hour day cycles. :P
   I'm 5"5", anywhere from 120 to 130, so that should give you an idea of
   who this costume would fit.
   Watch for this auction between now and early January.
   A friend was good enough to toss a few pics up for me -
   Credit goes to whoever took the lwce pictures at, and 
   MSK who took the staged pictures. I'm sure I don't need to mention
   that the copyrights belong to the original photographers.... :)
   -Ceren E.
   FreeBSD's "Strange Attractor."